Wed, 20 Nov 2019

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Mostly Cloudy in Nairobi/Wilson


Natural history on TV: how the ABC took Australian animals to the people

Most of us will never see a platypus or a lyrebird in the wild, but it's likely we've encountered them ...

As it happened | BrightRock Players Choice Awards 2019

Cape Town - The third annual BrightRock Players Choice Awards, brought to you by BrightRock and MyPlayers, will be held ...

Pasha 45: Spotlight on population growth in Africa

Africa's population is expected to double by 2050. It's therefore important to look at what's driving population growth, and what ...

The African football TV blackout could last for a while

The governing body for soccer in Africa, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) has cancelled its media and marketing rights ...

Mobile access won't fix the digital divide. Fixed-line is needed too

Mobile services have had an important and positive impact on developing countries where they are the main means of connecting ...

The unusual social habits of East Africa's vulturine guineafowl

Multilevel societies - ones in which strong and consistent bonds are established within and between groups - have only been ...


UN regrets new US position on legality of Israeli settlements

Mr. Dujarric added that the UN "very much regrets" the announcement of the new US position on Monday and remains ...

US, China Trade Criticism Over South China Sea

The Chinese defense chief warned the United States on Monday against provoking military tensions by "flexing muscles" in the contested ...

Why a Tory Brexit endangers the rights of workers

As the UK heads to the polls, it is not just deciding on the country's next government but the future ...

World Cup qualifiers: Oman defeat India by 1-0

Muscat [Oman], Nov 19 (ANI): India suffered a 1-0 defeat at the hands of Oman in the ongoing FIFA World ...

So you want to be an autocrat? Here's the 10-point checklist

Democracy is in trouble, despite popular uprisings and dynamic social movements in Lebanon, Hong Kong and across Europe and

Western Professors Released In Taliban Prisoner Swap

Two Western hostages have been released from Taliban custody in exchange for three ranking Taliban prisoners, raising hopes for peace ...

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